Pediatric Dentistry

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At Lakepoint Dental, we offer specialized pediatric dental care to protect young smiles. From your child’s first tooth to impacted wisdom teeth, we help parents and patients understand the importance of preventive dental care for kids and how effective oral hygiene should begin as early as age one. Our goal is to provide a kid friendly dental environment where children of all ages can feel comfortable receiving dental care.

Preventive Pediatric Care from Dr. Penumetcha

As your child grows, their smile changes. Regular check-ups allow our dental team to ensure that your child’s smile remains healthy as develop. As we regularly monitor your child’s changing smile, we can identify early signs of extensive care such as braces, palate expanders, or wisdom teeth extraction. For consistent long-term dental care, Dr. Penumetcha offers a number of dental solutions that are tailored to small mouths. These include: 

- Fluoride treatments
- Sealants
- Orthodontics
- Oral surgery, including impacted wisdom teeth extraction, corrective jaw surgery, as well as cleft palate and cleft lip correction. 
 Elk Grove Pediatric Dentist - Dr. Penumetcha

Preventive Dentistry for Children at Lakepoint Dental

Effective oral hygiene starts with routine preventive dental care. Starting when your child’s first tooth emerges, parents should bring their children in for routine cleanings and check-ups twice a year. For parents of babies and toddlers, Lakepoint Dental offers lap exams where children sit in their parent’s laps while Dr. Penumetcha shows parents the right way to keep small mouths healthy and free of decay. We also encourage parents to bring their children into their own dental procedures to see what routine dental care includes.

For older children, our Elk Grove dental team takes a more interactive approach to routine dental care. We show your child how different dental tools work, allowing them to become more comfortable with dental visits and routine cleanings. This interactive approach to dentistry also helps young patients overcome dental fears and apprehension. 

Sedation for Children

To further help our younger patients ease into dental care, Lakepoint Dental offers pediatric sedation through nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. Our safe application of this medication allows children to remain conscious while making dental care less stressful. Often, our younger patients who receive this light sedation therapy find themselves able to overcome their dental fears and gradually transition to not requiring any sedation while undergoing dental treatment. 

Dental Care for Small Smiles in Elk Grove

At Lakepoint Dental, Dr. Penumetcha specializes in providing children with the unique dental care they need to maintain healthy smiles. For more information about the pediatric dental services offered at our family-friendly office, contact our Elk Grove practice today